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Pest Control

Corrective Pest Solutions Service - When Not on a Comprehensive Year-Round Pest Program - $225

A one time Service call to determine and resolve a targeted pest issue correctively and efficiently. Solutions based upon problem or scenario.

Comprehensive Year-Round Program -  Interior and Exterior Property Pest Protection

Our year-round pest control program creates a safe and comfortable environment for you and your property. Our program is designed to strategically defend against unwanted pests, ensuring your peace of mind. Safety is our top priority, which is why we use botanical plant-derived products that are safe for children and pets. These long-lasting, microencapsulated formulations provide extended protection, giving you confidence in the effectiveness of our services.

Pricing and Discounts:

The initial property inspection and protection visit is priced at $150, followed by quarterly services at $125. this includes two bait stations. As a valued lawn care customer, you will receive a 10% discount on all visits.

What You Can Expect

Initial Visit:

During the initial visit, our skilled technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of your property, focusing on the foundation and exterior areas. They will create a protective barrier that extends three feet up and three feet out, ensuring comprehensive coverage. Additionally, we will treat the areas around doors and windows to prevent pest entry.

To further safeguard your property, we will apply a non-repellent solution to prevent pests from taking up residence in the peaks and eaves. Our technicians will also remove any spider webs or egg sacs using specialized extension poles. As part of this service, we will conduct a comprehensive inspection of the interior, checking underneath sinks and examining various nooks and crannies throughout your house.

To enhance the effectiveness of our pest control measures, we will place two exterior bait stations at no additional charge. These stations help deter mice from entering your home and reduce vole damage to your turf. If necessary, additional bait stations can be purchased.


Quarterly Visits:

After the initial visit, our technicians will return quarterly to reapply treatments to the exterior areas of your house, including the foundation, doors, and windows. Weather permitting, we will also reapply the non-repellent solution to the peaks and eaves. These follow-up services are crucial in breaking the nesting cycle of pests and maintaining a protective barrier outside your home, minimizing the risk of issues inside.

Our quarterly visits are scheduled approximately every 12 weeks. However, if you experience any pest issues between visits, simply give us a call, and we will promptly provide the necessary treatment to address the problem. Interior treatments are customizable based on your preferences. Whether you prefer interior treatments during every appointment or only in specific seasons, the price remains the same. If you are unable to be home during your scheduled appointment but still require interior treatment, we offer a free return service to accommodate your availability.


Additional Tailored Protection: 

Rodent Control Service Only No Comprehensive Year-Round Pest Program - $75 Per Bait Station First Year

This will be the purchase of rodent stations if not on a Comprehensive Pest Program. We recommended a minimum of 2 or more stations on a standard size property, many larger homes or lawns may require more than that based upon several individual factors. Pricing includes the purchase by the customer per station and one year of our maintenance of the station such as bait removal and replenishment, securement and placement of the box, and general upkeep and monitoring.

Additional years will require a Rodent Control Annual Maintenance Program to replenish and maintain the stations.

Rodent Control Annual Maintenance  - $40 Every 12 weeks (Years 2+ When On the Rodent Control Service Only)

The ongoing maintenance of baiting and monitoring bait stations placed upon a property yearly. Pricing is $40 for 2 stations and $5 for each additional station.

Mosquito/Flea & Tick Management - Starting at $89 Per Treatment

Our Mosquito / Flea & Tick Control program will provide you season long freedom from pesky fleas, ticks and mosquitos that carry and spread dangerous diseases: West Nile Virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE), and the Zika virus. Our full program consists of 5 applications (more are available upon request).


Beyond a program, we can cover special events and activities such as weddings, graduations, birthdays, and holiday gatherings, just schedule 1 week in advance.

Treatment periods are between April and October and typically last for one month (28 days) but are dependent on weather and rain.

Mosquito Bait Station - $50 Per Bait Station

The addition of a mosquito bait station can be placed on top of a counter, retaining wall or another permeable surface to lure and secure the mosquito population. This will reduce the pest within an area and further protect the customer and their home from mosquitoes.

Exterior ONLY Perimeter Pest Control - $59 Per Treatment

An insecticide treatment applied around the exterior perimeter of  properties, exterior structures such as sheds, commercial buildings and along landscaping. This is serves as a first line of defense stopping pests before they enter. We offer a full program consisting of 5 treatments and can be customized to fit individual needs. 

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